Fly Sky standard telemetry LUA widget for OpenTx color radios


The widjet works with Fly Sky FS-iA6B and FS-iA10B and shows Min, Max and Current values of this parameters:

1) Rx Battery
2) RSSI – Raw Signal Streight Indicator
3) Rx Quality – Receiver Signal Quality
4) RSNR – Receiver Signal to Noise Ratio


An OpenTx Radio with color display such Radiomaster Tx16s.


Download and copy into your SD/WIDGETS directory.
On the radio telemetry page, add a page with single zone and select the widget FlySkyRx.


Simply check on model telemetry page if sensors names are as shown in the picture, otherwise simple edit names to match values in the picture.


Rx battery sensor name: Rx-V
RSSI sensor name: RSSI
RSNR sensor name: RSNR
Rx Quality sensor name: RQly

Names are case sensitive!

Download at GitHub project page

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